Our Story

We began with a shared purpose to provide a way for people to feel great and perform mentally at their best. The game has changed. Advancements in brain health no longer require people to rely on artificially-sweetened, overly-caffeinated drinks to stay energized and focused throughout their day.


Healthier minds leads to happier lives. Everything we do is to help people unlock their cognitive potential in the most effective way possible.

There’s a better way.

And that’s why we created Higher Mind.


Higher Mind came into being through a happy accident.

I am someone who has never liked coffee, relying instead on tea to provide the boost I needed when studying for the SATs, through intensive workloads in college, and working long hours in the business world. Coffee was a last resort when I needed that little extra boost – even though I knew it would shortly be followed by a “crash” which I never liked.

When reading about innovations in health & wellness space (I’m a junkie!), I happened to come upon the subject of nootropics. For me, it was one of those life “a-ha” moments…finally a supplement I could take that would provide me the alertness and focus I needed without any detrimental side effects. Plus, I learned that with nootropics, I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my priorities when it came to health & wellness – namely keeping to all-natural products with no refined sugars.

This “a-ha” was the real beginning of Higher Mind – the start of the vision to provide everyone with products that deliver that right boost for the mind, has long-term protective benefits, and are all-around great for you! It is my hope that Higher Mind does for you all the wonderful things it has done for me.

- Ashleigh Shaheen, Founder & CEO of Higher Mind


The healthiest of minds - and brightest of futures - are nurtured from the beginning.  This is why we have made it our mission to ensure that as many people as possible have the knowledge of, and access to, the “brain-healthy” nutrition they need to perform at their best.